Monday, September 9, 2013

Anyone still there??

I am really really sorry, and I thought that I owe you all an explanation and an update! Spoiler alert: I'm not superwoman. I enjoy blogging immensely but something in my life had to give. I get it; so many of you amazing mamas out there are doing a lot more than me, but for my family, for my sanity, I knew something had to give. I love to blog, but I also enjoy running. I also need to play with my children, clean my home, and cook nourishing food for my family. In this season of my life, I just can't do it all and do it well and some of the things on that list are just too important to do halfway.

So, I do plan to return to blogging on an occasional basis. I can promise there won't be daily updates, and maybe not even weekly, but I do love having the blog as an outlet as well as a place to chronicle our lives. There you have it! Anyone who wants more regular updates should check out instagram, where I do manage to post pictures almost daily.

So what are we up to? Well, a whole lot of moving. Phillip is a three year old boy so enough said about that. Natalie is walking and girlfriend does NOT SIT STOP EVER. I should have remembered what this was like, but I conveniently blocked it out :) It is such a fun age, but boy does it take diligence and energy! Phillip broke his arm in June and had to have surgery and wear a cast for a month. It was awful, but he is back to 100% and to be honest I’m not sure he even remembers! He started back to mother's day out again last week and we love his new teachers. They are so sweet and Phillip is having a blast. Also, I am ridiculously excited to be his room mom this year!!! We did a lot of fun (but exhausting!) travelling this summer and I'm training for another half marathon in November. On a sad note, my sweet puppy Miss Pitty Pat lost her battle with kidney disease this summer. I miss her so much, but I was lucky enough to have her for almost sixteen years.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a picture overload post from the kid’s birthday parties. Love you all and thanks if you are still reading!! I'll finish out with a couple of pictures from our recent family photo session.


  1. Good for you…to everything there is a season.

  2. I have missed you! So happy to "see" you again;)

  3. You have a gorgeous family! And your kiddos are the same ages as mine. :)Totally understand that something had to "give". Thanks for stopping by and for your encouraging words on my blog. It always means a lot.

  4. Still here. Still here:) I love these family pics. So gorgeous! I have aualy never had a professional family photo taken so I have decided that after 3 kids I had better get on it but I'm waiting until I loose the baby weight. I k ow myself too well and if I do some while I'm chunky ill never frame one.


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