Monday, February 14, 2011

Ride to the Rescue

This weekend, Brian and I rode the Ride to the Rescue.  It's a 33 mile bike ride that benefits local dog rescue organizations.  Now, Brian rides all the time.  He's done the MS150 two years in a row, and all other manner of crazy riding such as the Hotter Than Hell 100 (terrible!). 

This was my second time doing this particular ride and it was much harder this time!  There was a terrible headwind (aka wind blowing directly at me) and I got a flat tire.  There were no pictures taken since it was early and I did NOT look cute. 

The Peanut got to spend the morning with Brian's mom and they both loved it!  Brian's parents live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana so we don't see them quite as often as we like.  I wish she lived closer because Phillip loves her so much.

Well, I'm about to get ready for the special Valentine's dinner I'm making for my two sweet loves, so I'll hopefully have pictures to post tomorrow!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A few pictures from our recent trip...

I told y'all a couple of weeks ago that we were headed to Portland, Oregon for a wedding.  We went for five days and had such a good time!  Peanut did so well on the plane, but the hardest part was getting him adjusted to the time difference.  The first morning we were there he woke up at 4:30 am.  Yup, you read that right.  Apparently, there's a 4:30 AM as well, sheesh.  He finally seems to be adjusting BACK to central time now.

He really loved the plane and barely seemed to notice take off and landing.  The hardest part was definitely that he couldn't move as much as he would have liked.  We got him his own seat, and although he didn't sit in it much, it was so nice to have the extra room.

Peanut on the plane!

Blog Makeover

Hey y'all!  What do you think of the blog face lift??

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some ambitious Valentine's Day baking projects...

I don't know that either of these projects will actually happen, but I was so inspired by them that I had to share.  The first, is from the super cute 'i am baker' blog.  It's a vanilla cake that cut open, reveals a red velvet heart in the center.

Check this out:

How cool is that?!?  {image via i am baker}

This next idea comes from the always creative and fabulous, Bakerella.  It's a box of chocolate truffles... but the entire thing is made of cake!

The little truffles are red velvet cake balls... adorable!  {image via bakerella}

So, what do y'all have planned for your sweeties?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

I barely watched any of the actual game at the party we went to.  Not that I'm complaining because I kind of hate football.  But I ate a ton and played with my sweet little guy so it was fun!  Anyway, just wanted to share a couple pictures of our Super Bowl Sunday, mostly so you can see how cute little Peanut was!!

Phillip and Mommy at the party!

Phillip and Daddy getting ready to go... how cute are the socks?!?


Spring Fasion Finds

In the midst of winter I am dreaming of spring.  I'm sure that a lot of you, like me, are doing a bit of online window shopping for all of the fun light dresses and sandals you'll be wearing in a couple of months.  Today though, I decided to do a little Spring shopping for my sweet baby boy.  I love dressing him up in longalls and smocking but I know come Spring and Summer we'll need a lot of cute comfy play clothes.  So, without further ado, a few of my favorite finds...

This precious romper is from Hanna Andersson.  Their clothes are so soft and comfy and come in the cutest bright colors.  Plus, I already bought some little sandals exactly like that for the Peanut!

These sweet little seersucker shorts are from mudpie baby.  They have a lot of cute boutique type styles and pretty affordable prices.  If you've never looked at their stuff you definitely should.  I couldn't resist the little crabs on these!

Aren't these just adorable?  These little tennis shoes are Eric Carle (of the Very Hungry Caterpillar) for Stride Rite.  Just precious!

This sweet little outfit, from Etsy seller amybailey4, can be monogrammed for no extra charge!  I think it's a nice alternative look to a jonjon and she has several other really cute patterns.

So mommies... any other great finds?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mrs. K = Sore

I fully realize that it's February now, and as a result, maybe I'm just a teeny bit behind on my New Year's Resolution.  That being said, I feel like it's never too late for self-improvement.  I'm almost ashamed to tell y'all about my resolution because it's such a cliche!  Nevertheless, I will put it out here in hopes that it will help me stick to it.

So here it is; I've lost all the baby weight and then some (cheers!!!), but I have worked out probably about 20 times since the peanut was born (boo!!!).  He's almost 10 months old people.  Do the math - that's about twice a month.  seriously. pathetic.

I am busy.  I work, go to law school, have a baby, a husband, a dog... but really, what mom's not busy these days?  It really no excuse to not make the time for something this important.  I really need to get back on the working out bandwagon for so many reasons:

1. It will make me feel better.  I know this.  I've worked out regularly in the past and I always had so much more energy.  And yet, always "being exhausted" is probably my number one reason for not exercising.   

2. Like I said, I've lost the baby weight, but I have not lost the baby jiggle.  Bathing suit season (at least here in Houston) is really just around the corner and I frankly think my stomach could use some work.

3. I want to be a good example for my son.  I realize I'm young and it sounds silly to say this, but when I was a kid we just moved more than kids do these days!  We spent whole days outside playing and exploring.  Sure we watched TV, but days went by during the Summer when we never even turned it on.  I want him to realize that being active is fun.

So, on that vein, I jumped back on the working out this weekend and I may have overdone the abs just a little bit because I am in pain!  You never realize how much you use your abs until they are unbelievably sore, wow.  Hopefully, I'll be feeling better tomorrow and I can keep it up!  I think if I'm able to meet my initial goal of working out at least three times per week, I will reward myself with a new outfit from the adorable Lululemon.  I figure, if I'm going to be working out and I don't have time to change I need to have some cute/presentable work out clothes to run around in.  Here are a few of my favorite items:

Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Bowl Shmooper Bowl...

Okay, let's face it.  I couldn't care less about the Super Bowl.  I am, however, excited about hanging out with friends, watching the funny commercials, and eating tons of yummy food!

I just found out that my go-to party recipe, buffalo chicken wing dip (hubbs favorite), is being made by someone else.  So, I've been browsing some of my favorite food sites for some other ideas.  Here are a few I'm considering:

Caramelized Onion Dip by Ina Garten - I wrote about this delicious dip here.

Or, delicious Hot Corn Dip from Our Best Bites.  This hot bowl of cheesy deliciousness has corn, bell peppers, cheese and more... what's not to like?

Finally, there's Jalapeno Popper dip, also from Our Best Bites.  It's basically a jalapeno popper in dip form... genius!

Any thoughts?  What recipes are y'all making?

Law School Snow Day!

I can't believe that I'm actually sitting at home right now, instead of in my Advanced Bankruptcy Class, because of the possibility of snow!

When hubbs and I lived in Chicago, I was the biggest wimp alive when it came to inclement weather.  I remember the first day that it really, truly snowed while we were living there.  I opened up the curtains of our bedroom and saw Grant Park covered in snow.  It was so beautiful and I was so excited!  That excitement quickly died once I stepped outside and the slushy wet snow soaked through my boots half way to the L stop.  I cried and told Brian I wanted to move home, lol.

Anyway, I got a lot better over the course of two years.  So even though I think it's a little silly to call off everything because it "might" freeze or snow, I'm not gonna complain!  As we speak, I'm enjoying a delicious mug of hot chocolate and playing with my boys :)

Okay, maybe mine doesn't look quite like this, hehe. {image via} 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Home at last!

We are back home at last!  The trip went well, but I'm exhausted.  Phillip did great on the plane, but kept us on our toes of course.  I have lots of fun pictures and stories to share but for now its off to bed!

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