Monday, February 14, 2011

Ride to the Rescue

This weekend, Brian and I rode the Ride to the Rescue.  It's a 33 mile bike ride that benefits local dog rescue organizations.  Now, Brian rides all the time.  He's done the MS150 two years in a row, and all other manner of crazy riding such as the Hotter Than Hell 100 (terrible!). 

This was my second time doing this particular ride and it was much harder this time!  There was a terrible headwind (aka wind blowing directly at me) and I got a flat tire.  There were no pictures taken since it was early and I did NOT look cute. 

The Peanut got to spend the morning with Brian's mom and they both loved it!  Brian's parents live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana so we don't see them quite as often as we like.  I wish she lived closer because Phillip loves her so much.

Well, I'm about to get ready for the special Valentine's dinner I'm making for my two sweet loves, so I'll hopefully have pictures to post tomorrow!

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  1. I'm not sure what happened, but it hit me that I hadn't read your blog in FOREVER, and then I realized that you got a NEW blog! So I added it to my Google Reader so that I don't miss any more! Glad to see everything is going well! Just a few more months, and you'll be DONE!


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