Tuesday, October 18, 2011

18 Months!!!

I can't believe my sweet little boy is 18 months old!  Actually, he's been 18 months for about a week now, but I'm slow to be able to get on the computer these days, ha!  He had his 18 month check up yesterday, and here are the stats:

Height:  32.5 inches - 55th percentile
Weight:  21 lbs 10 oz - 5-10th percentile
Head:  18 inches - 75th percentile

We've been worried that he is not talking enough yet, but the doctor said he is doing just fine and obviously understands a lot.  For example, when she asked him if she could look at his ears, he pointed to his ears and when she asked him to stick out his tongue he did!  Haha, so proud!!  So far his words are no, hello, cheese, shoes, car, go, this, Dada, and VERY rarely Mama. 

He LOVES Elmo, reading books ('Where the Wild Things Are' and 'Corduroy' are favorites), playing outside, and pretending to cook.  His favorite foods are rice, pizza, apples, cinnamon bread, and mexican food!  He still nurses once a day at bed time. 

He was a great sleeper for several months, but lately has been really difficult.  We are hoping that this is just a passing phase!

He has a little book about pumpkins that I bought his last year at Halloween and so he knows about pumpkins and points to them everywhere we go.  It is the sweetest thing!  We took him to a pumpkin patch this last weekend and he loved it so much.  He picked out a little pumpkin to take home and he loves to carry it around and show it off.

Here are a few more pictures of our fall so far:

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