Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

This has just been such a crazy week y'all, mostly due to the fact that I spent the last two days with a non-stop headache. I'm so thankful that I'm feeling normal again today! Also, Phillip officially made the move into his new room. I still have some finishing touches like art work and styling the book shelves, but the main parts are in place and he loves it!!

Natalie has been doing so much better lately!  The last week she has been eating well and sleeping well and just been such a joyful little girl.  I think her new medicine must really be helping.  She is also sitting in the highchair at dinner now and having so much fun.  I'm not sure how much food actually makes it into her tummy but she's loving it!  So far, broccoli has been her fave :)

I'll be back tomorrow with Fashion Friday and some OOTD's, but I have to be honest, I've been in a weird style rut lately.  The weather says spring but it's February and I really still want to be wearing my winter stuff! Case in point, I really wanted to wear a sweater today that I've only gotten to wear once this winter, so I paired it with neon shorts, ha!  I guess I may just have to take this as a sign it's time to start shopping for spring :)

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  1. Sweet kids! Happy to hear that everyone is sleeping better. And so jealous that you got to wear shorts!!!


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