Monday, December 3, 2012

Four Months

Even though she is almost half way through the month now, I wanted to write down a few things about little Natalie at four months old.

Natalie - you are 4 months old now!

You weigh 13 lbs and are 24 inches tall.

You wear a size 3-6 months clothes, and a size 2 diaper.
You are still exclusively breastfeeding and you nurse about 7 times a day.
You sleep about 10-11 hours at night and take 2 to 3 naps.  You USED to just about sleep through the night, but lately we've been seeing eachother a few times a night ;)
Everyone who sees you comments how you look just like a baby doll.  No joke, at least four times, people have stopped us to ask if you are a real baby!
You roll over both ways and can prop up on your elbows, but you're still not a big fan of tummy time.
You LOVE to watch your big brother.
You are the sweetest little girl and we are just so blessed to have you!
We love you Natalie girl!

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