Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday Whereabouts

Oh my it has been a long one! The littles did not sleep well last night. I was up a total of eight times last night- five with Natalie and three with Phillip. This is such a trying time because of the exhaustion factor, but it's also really special. More on that Monday.

Here's a little Instagram recap of our week:

I drank so many of these today, I lot count.

Phillip loves to be outside so I got Natalie this little bunting to stay warm.  It has come in so handy and it is just too precious!

We went to visit some friends at their new house and Phillip LOVED playing with their nine month old.  I can't believe that Phillip and Natalie could be playing together in just a few months!

He even kissed her!

Phillip and his BFF watching Rudolph and eating a little snack :)

He had a kiss for little B too.  These two together just melt my heart.


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