Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Natalie is Five Months!

Natalie - you are 5 months old!!
You weigh almost 14 lbs and we haven't been to the doctor so I'm not sure how tall but you are definitely growing.
You wear a size 3-6 months clothes, and a size 2 diaper.
You are still exclusively breastfeeding and you nurse about 7 times a day.
You sleep about 10-11 hours at night and take 2 to 3 naps.  Sleeping through the night is officially a thing of the past!  Daddy has been helping out lately though so we hope to get you back to only waking once or twice.

You are becoming a MUCH happier girl these days.  You love to smile and stick out your tongue when you're happy.
You roll over both ways and can push all the way up onto your hands. You can just about sit on your own!  You still don't love tummy time, but it's getting better.
You discovered Miss Pitty Pat this week and you are fascinated to say the least.
You love being in the bouncer now and watching Mickey Mouse with your big brother.
I think I realized as I was looking through these pictures that you are really getting to be a big girl.  Before I know it, this first year will be over and you won't be my little baby anymore so I better slow down and treasure this time.
I love you baby girl!
Big brother wanted a picture too :)


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