Monday, January 21, 2013

Motherhood Monday: Natalie is Six Months Old!

Happy Monday everyone! I had such a wonderful and relaxing weekend thanks to my husband and mother in law. I was able to sleep in until 8:30 am both days!!! The sad thing is, I still don't feel that well rested. I guess it just takes longer than two days to catch up on the sleep deficit I have.

Natalie actually turned six months old on Friday, but I wasn't able to take her picture until Sunday, so hopefully she didn't age too much, hehe.

Natalie - you are 6 months old!! 

You weigh almost 15 lbs and we head to the pediatrician in two days so I will have to update with proper height/weight later this week.
You wear mostly size 3-6 months clothes but they are getting a bit short so we have moved up into some 6-9 months. You are still in a size 2 diaper.

You are still breastfeeding about 6-7 times a day, but we recently started rice cereal.  We are taking it slow and you get about a tablespoon once a day.

You sleep about 11 hours at night and take 2 naps.  Sleeping through the night is officially a thing of the past!  You usually wake up twice.

Aside from a setback a couple of weeks ago, you are generally a happy girl.  You love to smile and stick out your tongue when you're happy.  You've also started "talking" a lot.  "Blah, blah, blah" is your favorite thing to say and you and Phillip have a lot of conversations that consist of just that :)

You roll over both ways and can push all the way up onto your hands and knees.  You will army crawl when you REALLY want something.  You can sit on your own now, but only for 5-10 seconds, so we have to be really careful with that.  

I just cannot believe how quickly the last six months have past and that before long you'll be crawling around and into everything.  I just can't wait to see how you grow and change and how you and Phillip become friends.  He just adores you and you LOVE to watch everything he does.

I love you more each day and I'm so lucky to be your Mommy.  Six more months until you are one... better start birthday party planning!!!


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