Monday, January 28, 2013

Motherhood Monday: Much Too Fast

My little peanut has been hitting some big milestones lately, y'all, and it's been a lot for this Mommy to handle.  He is potty trained (obviously this is a VERY big one!), he sleeps in a toddler bed, and today he left to go on a trip without me!  I've left him once before when he was 20 months old to go to London with my mom and one of my sisters.  That also happened to be when I weaned him just because the timing worked out so well.  You can imagine all of the emotions involved.  I nursed him to sleep for his nap one last time before I left.  I usually only nursed him at bedtime, but I just had to squeeze in one last time.  Talk about tear fest!   For the record, he didn't bat an eye and never asked to nurse again.

He loves to be my helper, especially with cleaning :)

Today, though, he left ME!

Brian took him with on a short overnight trip to visit his Grandmother (Phillip's great-grandmother).  I know he will do great and he adores his Daddy, but I started crying after they left this morning.

He REALLY loves to be Daddy's helper. Working here on his new room!

I've also just recently begun the search for a Mother's Day Out program for him to start this September.  I know I'm a bit behind the times as almost everyone seems to start preschool well before 3, but I just love having him home with me.  I feel like he has the rest of his life to be in school and go somewhere structured all day long, and I have such a relatively short period to be the number one influence in his life.  I visited a school today that I feel really good about though, and I think he will love it.  Fingers crossed he gets in!

Just hanging out with his best bud.

Of course he still has his fair share of foot-stomping two year old moments, but I'm in awe of what a sweet and smart boy he is becoming.  And he really is a boy now... not my baby anymore!  


  1. Ahhh!! So exciting! (And sad for you, I know!) But I'm sure the MDO program will be great for him, and I bet he'll REALLY love getting to spend some time with other kids his age. I'm firmly convinced that my husband, who is generally very quiet around people and functions well with little socialization, would have benefited from something like that when he was younger, as he was a stay-at-home kid. That time between 2 and 5 seem to be very formative, as far as building their little personalities goes. (And bonus - it'll give YOU some time, too!)

    1. Heck yes to the me time!!! Although Natalie will be in full on toddling mode by then, haha. Seriously though, with him gone the last two days and just managing one child, I was able to: clean out both kids closets and pack up too small clothes, craft some valentine's decor, catch up on all the laundry, wash all of our couch slipcovers, clean out the fridge and watch three episodes of Downton Abbey!


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