Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Valentines' Day Treats

Today I wanted to share some really sweet Valentine's Day recipes I've found in hopes that y'all can help me narrow them down!! First up is a treat that would be for my husband. He is the ultimate baconholic and I love to incorporate bacon into gifts for him. For example, I get him a bar of this bacon chocolate every year for his stocking.  So imagine my delight when I saw this bacon bouquet on Our Best Bites!!

Really, what man wouldn't love this??

 I've also always wanted to attempt these conversation heart cookies:

So cute!  Just a little worried that the effect might be lost on a two year old who has never even seen a conversation heart!

Finally, we've started a bit of a tradition of fun holiday breakfasts around here, so I've been searching for the perfect Cupid meal!  I'm considering these red velvet pancakes, heart shaped cinnamon rolls and bacon,  or just using my pancake pen to make heart-shaped pancakes.  Thoughts??

What's on your menu for Valentine's Day?


  1. My husband is a baconaholic, too! He will actually make his own chocolate covered bacon. He's making it for the Super Bowl! And it's pretty heavenly.

    Love that cinnamon roll idea.


    1. Oh my! I may need to try making chocolate covered bacon for him!

  2. Yumm! All of that stuff looks SO good! I think my fav were the red velvet pancakes and the heart cinnamon rolls! (Can you tell that I have a sweet tooth?)

  3. LOOOOOOVE me some bacon!! How cute are these? I made red velvet waffles with berries adn fresh whip for Christmas morning and they were a SMASH! My family LOVED them. Everyone had seconds so i highly recommend the red pancakes:) You know our first born was a surprise baby but we found out the sex of our second child becasue they are only 14 months apart so there wasn't much room for fun or surprises at that point. However I highly recommend surprise babies. They are really FUN. I mean like, the surprise of your life kinda fun:)

  4. that bacon bouquet is such a great idea!! i love the heart pancakes now i have plenty of ideas for a cute valentines day breakfast

  5. We all just love the bacon hearts at our house. Like my daughter says, "Bacon makes everything better Mom!"


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