Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We had so much fun on Halloween this year! Peanut actually really loved trick or treating last year, but he couldn't actually say "trick or treat."  This year we practiced throughout October and read a lot of books about Halloween so when the actual night came he was so psyched.

One thing that I've looked forward to about having two children is dressing them alike (what mother doesn't love that?? ).  So for Halloween, of course they had to have coordinating costumes.  Peanut loves Curious George and likes to pretend to be a monkey so when I found a super cute monkey costume at Old Navy that was that.  What goes with a monkey you ask?  A banana of course!

We started off the day with pumpkin pancakes for breakfast.  Daddy went into work a little late so he could eat with us.  Dinner was a jack o lantern pizza and then we hit the streets with Peanut's best friend Timothy and some other friends of ours. 

He stayed up way too late and ate way too much candy, but hey, I figure its just one day!

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