Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Picky Picky

People, we have a picky toddler on our hands!  I felt like I did everything right when it came to feeding Peanut, but he is full blown fussy these days.  I'm sharing because I feel like I've tried a little bit of everything to help him become a better eater and things have only gotten worse.  For example, in the last week he has refused pizza, a cheese quesadilla, and last night macaroni and cheese (!!).  Last night really clinched it for me, because he requested the macaroni.  This is not about the taste.  Most of the time he will not even touch the food once he's decided he doesn't want it.  There's no "one bite" rule in our house, because there simply is no convincing him to touch something he's decided he doesn't like. 

See?  He used to eat veggies!!

So, I'm doing a little experiment.  People say kids won't starve themselves.  They will eat when they're hungry.  Peanut has been known to defy expectations and the norm though.  When he was five months old, he went on a nursing strike.  Did I mention he also didn't like bottles?  Yeah, so that means he refused to eat. Period. For about a week, I could only get him to nurse once a day.  Usually in the middle of the night when he was quite drowsy. 

Back to the experiment.  For two days, I'm only offering foods that aren't his favorites and nothing else.  No fighting, bribery, or comments.  Just, here is your meal.  Don't want it? Fine.  I'm not getting crazy here with all spinach salads, but I'm certainly not going to offer him a plate of pancakes or he'll just stuff himself with that.  I figure he can't possibly starve himself to death in two days.  So, we shall see.  I may have aged considerably over the next two days, but I'm sticking to my guns!


  1. I love your blog! I'm a new follower :)

    I can't believe he went on a nursing strike!! So different than both of mine! haha..I don't think I could ever go a full three hours between feedings!!

  2. Thanks! It was terrible! I definitely had to pump a lot to stay comfortable and keep my supply up. The funny thing is he actually went on to nurse until he was 20 months :)


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